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Vaastu Shastra is all about having the right physical elements, developed in the right proportions, at right places and in the right orientation of the directions. The basic idea is to provide the flow of creative and positive energies which promote good health, well-being, prosperity and happiness. This science directly relates architecture of the human habitations (living, working, worshipping or any other space that is used by man) with the laws of the nature and studies the impact of this relationship on the lives of humans.

With over a decade of experience in studying and researching on this interesting and intriguing science, Rooma Mehra has gained expertise in guiding the designing of new homes and offices and suggests solutions for removing the vastu ‘doshas’ or ‘defects’. Her services have been sought by some of the top real estate developers for developing vaastu-compliant architecture. She has been serving clients from different backgrounds and with varied problems using her specialised knowledge of the Vaastu.

If your business is not doing well or you are facing persistent problems of managing the relations in family or not keeping well, it is high time to get a Vastu audit done for your workplace and home. There are good chances that things might take a turn for good with a few changes in the structural elements.

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