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Astrology has long been practiced as a science of predicting the future. Whether it is the ancient Egyptians or the Indian sages, astrology has been practised universally in the ancient civilizations. It is based on the fundamental assumption that the birth of a person at a particular time, date and location is related to the cosmic elements which determine his or her future and fate.

In all, the mathematics of astrology is based on the 12 signs of constellations, 9 planets and 27 nakshatras. Astrology is based on firm scientific concepts and mathematics of the combinations of these cosmic elements that define us in totality. As the relative positions of these elements keeps on changing with time, these changes in movements of the planets has a direct impact on our body and mind. These movements define the type of periods, favourable or unfavourable, that are faced by a person.

Rooma Mehra, the renowned Indian astrologer, uses this ancient knowledge to accurately predict what lies ahead and provides effective solutions based on horoscope readings. Her predictions help you in taking correct decisions which would positively affect your life in all respects. Astrological guidance can play a pivotal role in planning for the future and preparing for what is expected to come in the times ahead.

If you are looking for regular and frequent consultation, then we suggest that you consider taking up one of her periodic prediction packages.

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