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Welcome to Cosmic Nakshatra- one-stop destination for all your astrological guidance needs. Be it astrology, numerology, palmistry, vastu or numerology, our centre offers expert guidance and consultancy services to the people from India, UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Singapore, the Middle East and other parts of the world.

Cosmic Nakshatra is the brainchild of Ms Rooma Mehra, who has been practising astrology and the related fields for about two decades now, serving a multitude of clients from different geographic regions of the country and abroad.

She is a post graduate in Political Science and had taken to astrology with a firm belief in its effectiveness in improving the lives of people. During the formative years of her career, she had the good fortune of learning astrology, palmistry, numerology and vastu from some of the best practitioners of these fields in Delhi.

Established by Rooma Mehra about 15 years ago, this centre has been in the forefront of answering client queries, from the simple to the most baffling, on a wide variety of topics using the most appropriate methods. Rooma Mehra leads the centre in providing suitable, inexpensive, effective and practical solutions to the people for their problems.

Noteworthy Predictions

Though there have been numerous instances of successful predictions, some of them have been life-changing for people. Listed here are some of these (names have been withheld deliberately):

1. A housewife had it in her horoscope to be a ruler. This was well noticed by Rooma and was asked to seek election as a councillor. Dramatic as it would seem, the simple housewife won the election with a thin margin of votes and became a councillor!!

2. One of the clients was asked to resign from the well established job by Rooma in order to get the promotion. It was the faith of that client in the predictions of Rooma that prompted him to resign and eventually got the promotion he was looking for!

3. One of the student was asked not to join the private MBA college and, instead, was advised to drop one more year to get selected in a top rated MBA college. It was well received and that did happen next year!

4. One of her clients, the owner of an engineering and management college, was getting the bribe calls from some unidentified people and threatened with shutdown of the college on malicious grounds. Rooma told the client not pay any money and simply switch off the phone. Client was asked to perform certain remedies and a date was given when these people would be identified. With some dramatic turn of events, the culprits were identified on that very date, one of which was the employee of the client.

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